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Starter Smudge Kit

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Sacred White Sage Complete Starter Beginners Kit. All Ethically Sourced, Beautifully Hand Selected High Quality Smudge & Alter Tools.

1 x Sacred Sage Hand Rolled & Tied 4"
1 x Carved Wood Tripod 4"
1 Abalone Shell 6.5"
1 x Feather 10"
2 x Sacred Holy Wood Palo Santo Sticks 4"
1 x Ritual Sand 3oz
1 x 3 Charcoal Discs
1 x Burlap Bag

Kit will also contain a free smudging reference card and good energy affirmation card.

*Use responsibly and safely. Never leave sage, loose leaves, wood, candles, incense unattended. Always ensure they are completely extinguished when finished. Use in well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

All sizes are approx, as each ethically sourced sacred tool will vary slightly being a natural elements of the earth and not factory produced.

Thank you & blessings.