Affiliate Links & Promos

Affiliate Links & Promos, Recommendations

We have put together some affiliate links and promo codes that will save you some dollars or simply lead you in the right direction to some of our personal favorites.

Borne Warrior Corporation, use promo code SAVE10 to get 10% off your order (Excludes Tactical Training Courses) One Time Per Customer.

Borne Warrior Corporation, use promo code Military10 for a 10% discount. Unlimited Times Usage, no minimum or maximum spend. Open to all U.S Military, Veterans and Military Family Members. Also open to EMTs, First Responders and Police Depts In the United States of America. 

Join NRA today to save up to $25- Off discount offers.
SABRE Personal Safety Products
TALON Grips, Inc.
Use Code: Borne10 (case sensitive to get an extra 10% discount on any regularly priced retail purchase. 
Terms & conditions will apply/ information and deals are subject to change.