From fighting wars to writing poetry. Grab a coffee and enjoy this great read.

From fighting wars to writing poetry. Within Every Lifetime - available on amazon.

Book Within This Lifetime. This book exemplifies the energetic force that is love, a real treasure throve of soul- stirring poems, that allure you to get lost in the enchantment of words. A most wonderful gift to yourself, for a soulmate, a twin flame, a star seed, friend, lover or a heartfelt unique wedding gift.

'Within Every Lifetime’ will take you on a journey of Love. An eternal love that travelled through many lifetimes, a Love that was calling out to both their souls to unite again. A love that just couldn’t be denied. Like a magnetic force, the powerful pull of energy ignited, from far across the earth, two souls - one love - bringing you to this book, a treasure trove of emotional and powerful poetry. Enjoy each poem, as the words dance together like the sweetest melodies, awakening your senses and caressing your soul.

Will of Steel. Excerpt -
My bleeds your name over and over again and- again. Beyond the heavens of God's, me, we....Us.

Available on Amazon Now. On paperback & Kindle.

Silver Moon ©

Silver Moon pawns a forever lasting- Twilight. The sweetest whispers between you and I ignites the fireflies. Underneath this midnight canopy. Nightingale's sings a sonnet of our everlasting- love.  My heart is harnessed by the light of your Heavenly- Soul. Forever Us, be thou brave and bold. Our hearts to forever stand by one Code. I fall so forever deeply within your- love. No place so beautiful than the fit between that of all which we- hold.  Our heart's forever to remain the- same. So sweet the angel kisses that falls from your lips...onto my- lips. I crave you forever- more. Slowly I breathe, and take in your everlasting- kiss. 

Writes By Borne Warrior

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