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Will of Steel. ©

Perhaps it all started somewhere within the heart of Rome or the Titanomachy battle. You made a wish, as did many years- ago.

We stood at each others side and allowed no war to conquer or divide our beloved- souls. Through the thick and thin, our mindset wield our swords, so true to our metal so true to...our steel- will.

True to the love and trust of what we held beyond the heavens of God's, me, we....Us.

Loving you beyond this- heart beat over and over- again and- again. I close my eyes and I'm there with Warrior of the Light.

Your smile takes me to a place within my mind, that I only share- with you. You reach out to me- and I reach out to could never be so damn sweet, each and every life time we- meet.

Nothing really changes our mindset, always remains forever the- same. When we so forever kiss it's your lips my soul shall forever- take.

I remember the smell of the jasmine in your hair and the morning dew, under that midsummer cherry- moon.

Drinking the finest coffee, I remember the way we loved each other's soul's...again and again and- again.

My bleeds your name over and over again and- again. Beyond the heavens of God's, me, we....Us.

Writes By Borne Warrior

Silver Moon ©

Silver Moon pawns a forever lasting- Twilight. The sweetest whispers between you and I ignites the fireflies. Underneath this midnight canopy. Nightingale's sings a sonnet of our everlasting- love.  My heart is harnessed by the light of your Heavenly- Soul. Forever Us, be thou brave and bold. Our hearts to forever stand by one Code. I fall so forever deeply within your- love. No place so beautiful than the fit between that of all which we- hold.  Our heart's forever to remain the- same. So sweet the angel kisses that falls from your lips...onto my- lips. I crave you forever- more. Slowly I breathe, and take in your everlasting- kiss. 

Writes By Borne Warrior

Love Birds©

Sunlight reflects bosom to chest like two love birds nestled in a- nest. Energy that flows between our mortal Souls. Soaking all of this in like sun drops falling underneath our- skin.  A universal set of minds with our hearts so deeply- intertwined. Forever to be your one and only...and you forever to be- mine.

Writes By Borne Warrior

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