Borne Warrior Mission

BORNE WARRIOR CORPORATION®  is created, owned and operated by husband and wife team Patrick & Pamela.  Based in the beautiful land of the Pine Trees and stunning sunsets of North Carolina, USA. Our Family business is created and founded with over 28 years of military service & two decades of global corporate business, people development & leadership management, bringing to the forefront our passions, skills and purpose together, to showcase quality authentic designs on Apparel that motivate, encourage and inspire our community of shoppers and supporters. Today we have expanded our company portfolio from BORNE WARRIOR APPAREL, to now include SACRED SEVEN SPIRITUAL MARKET - A collection of uplifting spiritual tools, holistic goods, ethically created and sourced products, handmade Spiritual Boxes & Kits. The ceremony of smudging, spiritual, energy and holistic practices, have been a natural part of our existence for as long as we can remember. With our ever growing collections of spiritual tools and our passion for helping people grow and glow on their life journey in a healthy positive way, our market place allows us to share our knowledge, spiritual gifts, genuine care, passion and the very best tools for creating the most beautiful spiritual kits and products for you. It is a joy for us to now bring our Collection ROCKET & BOW CO. to the table, with our love for good quality COFFEE. This has been in our plans for a long time, and sourcing the best quality, taste, ethically produced coffee was a priority. Going for a vintage look on the label, this design sets the look of our packaging apart from others you will see on shop shelves. 


We believe in the ethos of impactful positive words, good energy & a warrior attitude that can help to elevate you higher and reignite your spark and zest for life. This is what our brand platform is built on.