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This ground coffee will immerse you in an Arabica & high caffeine Robusta blend, designed to lift you up.  Individually roasted light and dark beans blended together after roasting.  Smooth, Strong, & Heavy Bodied.  Hints of smooth Oatmeal, Molasses, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies. Strong never bitter. 

We are proud to have this high quality coffee as part of our brand, after much sourcing for the right blend, aroma, with a smooth superb taste, without that bitter aftertaste, we are delighted to bring all coffee lovers this blend, from our love of adventure, travel, tasting and testing, around the world, from old style cafes nestled in romantic dreamy quaint cobble streets, to hotel courtyards, exploring around the most beautiful cities, and campfire nights under the stars. The imagery is a design we feel has an old classic vintage style...timeless 

A coffee that keeps up with your lifestyle...ROCKET & BOW CO. COFFEE 


Ground Coffee 12 oz 

Arabica & High Caffeine Robusta Blend

Roasted & Blended Expressly  By America's Oldest Coffee Merchants

Ethically sourced, roasted and blended.

Non - GMO

Hermetically Sealed Gable Top With Tin Tie.


Shipping Domestic USA