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Zero Your Red Dot Training

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This course provides students with the basic and fundamental skills necessary to properly and successfully install, co-witness and transition from your firearm iron sights to your red dot optic, for sport shooting, hunting, duty and self-defense.

Students will learn how to properly sight in and zero their red dot optic, line of sight, parallax error with iron sights, point of aim, point of impact, trajectory and muzzle flip. This is a four-hour course for pistols and rifles with range time.

Location: Fayetteville, NC

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  * You must confirm your attendance to the class at least 7 days prior, or your booking will not be held.*


Classes are taught by NRA Certified Instructor Patrick. NRA Instructor Certified, DOJ NC CCH Instructor Certified, NRA CRSO Certified, Chief Range Safety Officer Certified. All training courses are Instructor Led Only Training: The Instructor Led Only takes place in a traditional classroom and range environment. IDPA INTERNATIONAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL ASSOCIATION MEMBER. SCHA STEEL CHALLENGE SHOOTING ASSOCIATION MEMBER. USPSA UNITED STATES PRACTICAL SHOOTING ASSOCIATION MEMBER.