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Seven Archangels Incense Set

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Seven Archangels  Incense.  

Archangel Michael ( Miquel ) The Warrior Archangel of Protection & Victory. 

Archangel Chamuel  Peace, Courage, Love, Life Purpose

Archangel Jophiel ( Jofiel ) Beauty, Creativity, Organization, Joy

Archangel Uriel  Creative Inspiration, Study & Wisdom

Archangel Gabriel Divine Messages, Revelation,  Inspiration & Creativity

Archangel Raphael ( Rafael ) Healing 

Archangel Zadkiel ( Zadquiel ) Compassion & Forgiveness 

7 pouches, 5 incense sticks in each pouch.  Each pouch features a beautiful image depicting the Archangel of choice.

A Hem Products are hand rolled and created from select woods, resins, oils in a charcoal base.  

Use safely and responsibly. Keep away from children and animals. Use heat and flame resistant incense holders and burners.  Never leave unattended.