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Selenite Unpolished Wand Sticks - 2"

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These powerful beauties of Selenite are natural, unpolished raw Wand Sticks. 

Perfect to incorporate into your ceremonies, rituals, mantras, spiritual practices and raising the vibe. A must have in your collection.

Selenite is a crown and third eye chakra stone of pure white light, peace, illumination and moon magic. The Greeks named the stone after the Moon Goddess Selene, who has the power to awaken intuition, and especially powerful under a full moon.  An excellent stone to have for affirmation mantras, cleansing aura energy fields and great at enhancing the properties of other stones, crystals. 

2" Long Approx 

To protect this stone, keep it out of water.

1 x 2 inch  Selenite Wand Stick - Natural, unpolished beauty