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Sacred Seven Spiritual White Sage Bundle

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Sacred Seven Spiritual white Sage Bundle contains 3 x 4.5" hand tied white sage for sacred smudging.

The used of sage in smudging is a ritual ceremony to remove negative spirits and energy, to purify, spiritually cleanse and bless any space, item or self. The ceremony consists of burning the plant herbs in either a shell or clay bowl, the bellows of smoke from the sage cleanse the air, space and those within it. A prayer is repeated during the ceremony.
It aids in purifying the air, lifting away sadness, impurities, anxieties, stagnant and toxic energies, leaving nothing but peace and harmony.

Each sage bundle will come with a go to smudging reference guide and 'jumpstart your day' affirmation card.

Thank you and blessings to all our Sacred Seven Customers.

*The bundle does not include the decorative floral accessories used in the image.

Never leave sage, loose leaves, wood, candles, incense unattended. Always ensure they are completely extinguished when finished. Use in well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.