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Home Protection Kit

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This Sacred Seven Home Protection Kit has all the essentials to ensure you rid and remove all toxic negative stagnant energies from your home or sacred space. If you feel the energy is heavy or negative in your home, this is the perfect kit to have. Sacred White Sage along with Dragon blood Sage is known as the Spiritual Powerhouse together to cleanse any area, even the most toxic and intrusive or evil energies, spirits or entities. This kit also contains a beautiful holy wood Palo Santo Angel to bring you protection, peace and inner calm, to keep by your side or on your nightstand.  Each Kit is powerfully blessed and smudged for maximum strength. 


Kit Contains :

1 x Sacred White Sage ethically sourced 4.3"  For Smudging

1 x Sacred Red Dragon Blood Sage ethically sourced 4.3" For Smudging

1 x Abalone Shell 6"

1 x Palo Santo Holy Angel 3." For Protection, Inner Peace & Calm

1 x Florida Water 7.5oz For Cleansing & Protecting

1 x Feather 10"

1 x Sacred Crystal Salt Vial  With Rose, Lavender & Mint. Used to Place At Doorways, Entry & Exit Doors, or Windows. Also used as a cleansing bed to place your crystals or tumbled stones on.

2 x Ritual Candles 4" For Intention & Wish Setting. Focus Your Affirmations, Intentions, Wishes Into The Flame.

2 x Palo Santo Sticks 4" Ethically Sourced, burned for protection and excellent to uplift the energy of any space and bring froth more enlightenment and focus.  

1 x Sacred Matches 

1 X Amethyst Tumbled Stone 1" Powerful Protector, Dispels Anger, Soothes Irritability, Brings Calm, Serenity & Clarity.  

1 x Red Jasper tumbled Stone 1" Courage, Good energy, Clarity, Removing Anxiety, Stress, Negative Energies & Emotions, Great For Organization & Goal Setting.

1 x 3oz Sand 

1 x Purple Violet Bag

Free Mini Hansa Trinket 

Comes with a Free smudge reference guide, Sacred Protection Prayer & Affirmation Card.

 Thank You & Blessing to all our Sacred Seven Customers

Never leave sage, loose leaves, wood, candles, incense unattended. Always ensure they are completely extinguished when finished. Use in well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Always use safely and responsibly.