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Florida Water

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Florida Water 7.5oz. Cologne

This bestselling multitasker sells out quickly across the country due to its myriad of uses. It has been used in different spiritual traditions and rituals as a way to cleanse and purify. Florida Water was created in the early 1800's, it was very popular with both men and women as they found so many uses due to the properties it possessed.

The delightfully citrusy scent has a base of alcohol in addition to essential oils blended like lemon, orange oil, ylang ylang, and lavender, so that it's invigorating, energizing, uplifting and purifying. Also known as the Fountain of Youth!

Used also to cleanse down alters and alter tools, cleansing of your sacred space, clearing out negative energy. 

Contains alcohol, and is flammable, keep away from heat and flames. Keep away from children and animals. Use info given here as a guide only, please use safely and responsibly. Do not consume.