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Chakra Protection Kit

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This made to order Chakra Protection Kit has a bountiful supply of superpower tools to support you in your journey of protection, meditation, balance, confidence, inner calmness and peace. Raising your frequency and energy higher. 

Kit contains :

1 x Seven Chakra Gem Stone Bracelet with Velvet Bag

1 x Hamsa Hand Incense Wall Plaque 5"x4"

1 x Chakra Incense Set. 7 Pouches with 5 sticks in each pouch.

1 x Florida Water 7.5oz

2 x Ethically Sourced Palo Santo Sticks 

1 x Abalone Shell 6.5" approx

1 x White hand rolled ethically sourced Sacred White Sage 4.5" approx

1 x Seven Chakra Rose Petal White Sacred Sage, ethically sourced 4" approx

1 x Sacred Seven Crystal Salt Vial ( Rose, Lavender & Mint ) 2.5" approx

1 x Amethyst Tumbled Stone

1 x Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone

1 x Raw Selenite Wand 2"