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Blue Onyx tumbled Stone

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Blue Onyx tumbled stone is excellent at providing strength and support at confusing or stressful times, helping to alleviate worry and fear, improving self belief and confidence, clarity and aids with decision making. These beauties help release negative energies and emotions, bringing good fortune and in recognizing personal strengths.

Your tumbled stones will need sacred cleansing from time to time as they absorb energies. Place your crystals in the moonlight or sunlight to cleanse and recharge ready to fully work. You can also cleanse your crystal in moon water or our dried floral crystal salt.

Crystals and tumbled stones are natural earth stones with powerful properties, each one will be unique with its own characteristics, no two pieces are the same. We will choose a stone perfect for you, one that has been cleansed and powerfully charged by the earths elements and sent with healing positive energy.

1 x Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone